John Bradley, Chief Executive Officer

"Our goal is to create a culture that promotes positive attitudes and working smarter."

John Bradley has what you might call an open door policy--that is, if his "office" had walls, much less a door. His inconspicuous workspace, situated right next to R&H's front door, allows him to be constantly available to his coworkers and clients. Having no walls also gives him a better handle on the daily operations of the company.

John likes to think of himself as an approachable "free safety," assisting on a wide range issues. He often steps in to help solve clients' problems, and he enjoys adding value to a project whenever he can. He especially likes being involved in complex projects that encourage all team members--contractor, owner and architect--to be creative and cooperative.

John is a recent empty-nester, but he still takes pleasure in the rewards of parenting. He also has a passion for traveling and restoring older homes.