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Note Regarding Fraudulent Craig’s List Posts: Please be aware of fake job postings/spoof e-mails on any job posting site that appear to be from legitimate companies, including R&H Construction. To entice applicants, a job posting or e-mail may offer an employment opportunity, often to work from home, and then ask applicants to submit personal information. R&H Construction applications are accepted through our website ( and we do not make offers of employment prior to the completion of a thorough hiring process, including an in-person interview at one of our two offices. If you have received an offer of employment and have not participated in a face-to-face interview with R&H Construction, the correspondence you received is fraudulent and should be disregarded. All R&H Construction e-mail correspondence comes from the domain and never from Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Many scammers will use fake e-mail addresses that look similar at a quick glance but are not legitimate.  If you are not sure whether the communication you have received is genuine, please contact us at 503-228-7177 to verify.

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