Safety Overview

Our primary goal is to have zero injuries. While our commitment starts at the top, safety is led by every team member at R&H and is supported by our Executive Safety Leadership Team, EHS Department and Safety Committee. We empower our team to be the eyes, ears, and voice of safety on our project sites. Our employees well-being is always our primary motivation, but we are grateful that safe operations planning also leads to increased productivity and cost savings for our projects.

Safety Commitment Statement

At R&H Construction we are SAFE builders. Safety is a company value, not just a field value. We put the safety of our team members, subcontractors, clients, and the community first – ALWAYS. We care about one another and have a personal responsibility to allow our teammates and subcontracting partners to live their best lives at work and at home.

“Safe production is our top priority. If it’s not done safely, then it’s not done correctly. We strive to execute all work with the utmost emphasis on safety, so that our team can go home injury-free each day.”

Kraig O'Connor, President & CEO

“Being attentive, aware and looking out for one another…that’s basically how we stay safe. Pre-task planning helps minimize risks for us on the site.”

Kashta Andrade-Booker, Carpenter Apprentice

“Safety is everything. Without our craftspeople, we have no craft and no work to put in place. So for us, it’s a matter of making sure everything is done safely.”

Hayden Doud, Assistant Superintendent

“Being safe to me means caring enough to avoid injuries. This includes ensuring language is not a barrier to safety and that there is no confusion before beginning a task.”

Edwin Perez, Carpenter Helper

“Safe means being able to go home to your family. At the end of the day, none of this matters if we can’t do that.”

Dan Silvertree, Superintendent

“We must continuously challenge the status quo to be a safer company…we owe it to the families and friends of those who work on our projects.”

Kenny Herrera, Environmental Health and Safety Director

“We are out to make sure everyone lives a life of safety both at work and at home.”

Bob Parker, Superintendent

Executive Safety
Leadership Team

R&H’s Executive Safety Leadership Team (ESLT) is comprised of a cross-section of leadership team members along with representatives from the field. This group meets on a bi-monthly basis to guide key safety initiatives and ensure our safety culture is strong companywide. Executive team members make monthly visits to project sites to discuss site-specific safety with the superintendent, crew members, and trade partners. The goals are to see safety in action, discuss ways the ESLT can best support R&H crews and subcontractors in safe operations and set overarching safety priorities for the company.

Safety Program

Our safety program is focused on preventing injuries and embedding safe operations into everything we do. We do that by:

  • Believing ZERO injuries is possible, with an emphasis on early reporting and taking proactive measures.
  • Employing highly skilled and experienced safety professionals to provide safety support, awareness, training, and technical guidance to our team.
  • Focusing on safety in preconstruction which allows us to identify hazards early.
  • Creating site-specific safety plans.
  • Sharing safety expectations with our crews and subcontractors.
  • Performing daily pre-task plans.
  • Providing safety education and training for ALL R&H team members.
  • Holding ourselves accountable.

Safety Committee

Our Safety Committee serves as an advocate and voice for our team members in the field and the office. This group is comprised of a diverse mix of team members from every level of the company. The committee engages in regular jobsite visits to help keep an open dialogue with team members, assist with incident investigations, and gather and endorse safety ideas from the field to inform system-wide safety improvements.

Safety Honors

We’re proud of our strong commitment to safe operations. While our formalized safety program has received many awards, the ultimate reward for our team is having each employee, and our subcontracting partners, be able to lead their best lives at work and at home.

Rose Recognition of Safety Excellence


Safety & Health