R&H hosted our clients and building partners for tree planting event at Mt. Scott Creek in Happy Valley. In partnership with Friends of Trees, our team of 50+ volunteers learned best planting methods for Oso Berry, Oregon White Oak and more. Together, we planted over 800 native trees, shrubs and grasses while enjoying the Oregon sun! Scroll for a look at our day with Friends of Trees.

Planting With Care
Our guides from Friends of Trees shared more about the work that they do for the natural environment, and then demonstrated the tree and shrub planting process. Each plant had a best method for going into the ground and it became clear that detail and care taken at this point would mean the difference between a thriving root or simply adding to the brush. With our instructions and planting paths laid out, volunteers got to work!

Getting To Work
Working our way through the paths laid out, pairs of volunteers worked together to dig holes, plant, “plug,” stake and tag hundreds of plants. With each section (marked by colorful tags) came new obstacles like slopes, puddles and sticky mud. With help from Friends of Trees our team of volunteers were able to cover a large surface area with freshly planted trees and shrubs.

Celebrating Together
After planting trees all morning, a hearty lunch was due. Our team of volunteers could smell the R&H BBQ trailer grilling up hot dogs and burgers as they emerged from the dense natural area into the main park.