Sunriver Brewing Co.Sunriver, Oregon

The scope of the Sunriver Brewing project spans across the building, from cold storage to a tasting room to office relocations. Our team performed a full electrical upgrade, installed a new chiller for increased brewery activities, and built a new brew lab with additional expansion in mind for the future. The addition of two new cellars allows Sunriver to double their production capacity, creating a streamlined process to brew and ferment beer in one cellar before chilling, carbonating, and packing in another.

A third new cellar offers Sunriver the opportunity to barrel-age sour beers in isolation. A negative pressure exhaust system keeps the yeast used in sour beers from infiltrating the rest of the brews.

Finally, R&H relocated Sunriver’s offices to the north end of the building where we also added a tasting room. Ideal for private events, the tasting room features a large L-shaped stainless bar and opens into one of the brewing cellars.

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Gary North
Vice President
Bend, OR

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