Cedar Sinai Park

Portland, Oregon

R&H completed a significant renovation and expansion of Cedar Sinai Park’s senior living campus in SW Portland. The project was completed in four phases, allowing CSP’s facilities to remain fully operational throughout the construction process.

The first two phases of the project included the ground-up construction of two residential buildings. The buildings bring residents together in a The Green House Project® model, building communities of twelve seniors on each floor who have private rooms but share a central common area. The final phases included the renovation of CSP’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility. The building was demolished down to its structure and built back to serve the needs of CSP’s seniors.


R&H collaborated with the architect to develop a phasing map and worked with the facility to coordinate resident moves by incorporating these details in our construction schedule. The phased project schedule allowed CSP to remain fully occupied and operational throughout construction.

Our project would have failed without the patience and dedication of R&H’s project managers, office staff and site workers. I can’t overstate how important R&H was to our organization during this project.

Mike Martynowicz, Cedar Sinai Park

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