Confidential Beverage Production Facility


This design-build project entailed the remodel of an existing grocery store distribution center and build out of an empty warehouse to house a full-scale 280,000 s.f. beverage canning plant.

The project included the installation of a 20,000 gallon waste water treatment tank, a 5,000 gallon sump tank, a 20,000 gallon sucrose tank and a 30,000 gallon water tank with RO Skid to include nitrogen and CO2 tanks. All tanks were located outside the main structure where large structural mat footings were installed that included structural concrete pads for each of the tanks. Each tank was required to be seismically anchored to each of these pads due to their sheer size and volume. At the interior of the space in the CIP & Wet Processing rooms, the existing slab was removed to accommodate new sloped concrete floors, finished with urethane coatings for durability. All of the stainless steel process piping for the processing and canning equipment was hand fabricated onsite in a separate area of the warehouse to ensure proper fit and finish with other equipment. The space also included forklift charging areas, office area with conference rooms, lab testing area and a large cooler area for product storage.

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