The Canyons Apartments

Portland, Oregon

Located in North Portland, The Canyons provides modern and accessible living units for residents of all ages and abilities. The environmentally-advanced building was constructed using cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels of varying size, thickness and geometry incorporated extensively throughout the 6-story mixed-use building. Consisting of 70 living units, the building features open-air zig-zagging corridors and the Alleywalk marketplace which adds vibrancy and welcomes the community to engage with the development.


  • Top Projects – 1st Place Mixed-Use, Daily Journal of Commerce


  • Cross-laminated timber structure



The Canyons includes a bevy of innovative construction features, the greatest of which is the incorporation of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in unexpected and pioneering ways. Utilizing CLT offers a variety of benefits to both residents and the project team. The carbon emissions that typical construction practices and materials can create was a high priority for the development team to combat. Constructing with CLT helps to offset the carbon footprint because panels can be made from young trees that have already consumed a large amount of carbon in their lifecycle. Wood from damaged or diseased trees that often fuel to forest wildfires can be sandwiched in the middle layers of the panels. Douglas fir is used on the outside for its beauty.

In addition to the positive effects CLT has on the environment, building with this product is also beneficial in terms of schedule and budget. In comparison to concrete , building with CLT at The Canyons saved over a week per floor during vertical construction. This reduction in overall schedule also led to cost savings and increased efficiency for the sub trades that followed framing.

Your skill and partnership have been critical to bringing this unique project to fruition, and a major contribution to the mass-timber movement overall

Ben Kaiser, Kaiser + PATH

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