Vista St. Clair

Portland, Oregon

R&H Construction provided services on an extensive renovation of the occupied Vista St. Clair multifamily housing apartment building. Scope of renovations included an updated laundry room, fitness center, main lobby, and unit upgrades.

The latest project included replacing windows across 890 building openings, refinishing balconies and repainting the exterior, all while the building and units remain fully occupied and operational.


The biggest challenge of the Vista St. Clair renovation was the safety concerns that came with working within an occupied residential building. The scope required R&H crews to enter each unit several times so strong communication skills were critical when keeping tenants informed. Our R&H team introduced photo ID badges for each team member to wear throughout the duration of this process. These badges helped keep tenants informed about who was in their unit and which subcontractor they worked for. Additionally, weekly meetings were held with our project team and a tenant liaison to convey which units were going to be accessed and any schedule changes that were going to take place. All noisy work and work involving unit entries were completed during working hours, 8 am to 5 pm, to disrupt tenants as little as possible.

Another challenge our project team faced early in the project schedule was the need for an infallible phasing plan. The R&H project team came up with a phasing plan that divided the building envelope into three different phases. Each phase tackled one and a half sides of the building exterior and was created in a way that would allow our teams to use material lifts on the flattest areas of the surrounding streets. The phasing plan was essential to completing this project within the set schedule and was also essential when working around tenants and keeping the building owner informed about the location of where construction was taking place.

R&H’s strengths were: finding solutions to problems as they arose, timely and current payment applications, quality of work and a collaborative approach to the job. They brought up issues right away and worked speedily to resolve them.

Malcolm McIver, Commerce Properties

The real strength for this project is the willingness from R&H to be flexible, understand who the client is and being able to continue to deliver the project and meet the expectations of the client as things changed. With restoration projects, nothing is straightforward, and R&H worked very well to address each challenge as they arose, communicated to the them and planned the solution accordingly, rather than brushing it to the side.

Samuel Chipperfield, Morrison Herschfield

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