The R&H wellness committee plans and coordinates virtual cooking classes for our team throughout the year. At the start of the pandemic, our team had to get creative with events that would foster connectedness. Taking inspiration from boxed meal kits like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, R&H Red Apron was born. With most ingredients and special tools provided, the wellness committee prepares ingredient bags and leads our team through virtual cooking classes on Zoom. The overall goals are to encourage team members to cook at home using whole, healthy ingredients.

With rotating Red Apron themes and cuisines from across the globe, the committee’s efforts are set on exposing our team to new foods, sharing approachable recipes, and encouraging team bonding. Scroll for our culinary adventures of 2023!

Destination: China
Menu: Dumplings, garlic green beans, rice and chrysanthemum tea (juice box)

In celebration of Lunar New Year, employees and their families made homemade dumplings using bamboo steamers provided by the wellness committee. In a collaboration with R&H’s DEI committee, team members learned about Lunar New Year history and traditions and received red envelopes, tassels and mandarins as traditional symbols of prosperity in the new year.

Destination: Greece
Menu: Spinach and feta spanakopita, Greek salad and an Ouzo cocktail

Feta, phyllo dough and lots of olive oil were the magic ingredients for making a traditional Greek spanakopita. Special attention was paid to carefully layer the paper-thin layers of dough through coats of olive oil and feta. Along with a Greek salad, many team members sampled the licorice-noted liquor Ouzo for the first time!

Destination: Louisiana, USA
Menu: Etouffee and grits

Our team spiced up the evening by creating an Andouille sausage and vegetable-based etouffee with a side of grits. This savory meal was a perfect pairing to the week’s fall weather. The special item for this supper club was the Slap Ya Mamma Cajun seasoning from Louisiana!