Quality Assurance & Control

Quality is engrained in our company culture and is an integral part of our mission of delivering an exceptional customer experience. R&H creates an environment that promotes quality by charging everyone involved to build as though it were their own investment at stake.

Part of our unwavering commitment to quality lies in the amount of preplanning we put into projects long before we set foot on the ground. Early on in preconstruction, our team establishes expectations for quality, performs detailed constructability reviews, reviews material selections and constructs mock-ups to ensure installation is performed correctly and that the client is completely satisfied with the end result. During this phase we also carefully select qualified, competitive subcontractors that we are confident will meet our high expectations. When projects move into the construction phase, our crews follow a detailed, project specific quality control program.


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Evelyn Galloni
Vice President

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I've worked in both the field and office during my 30+ career with R&H. Our companywide culture includes a sincere commitment to building quality projects that we all can be proud of.

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